Meal of Fortune

Meal of Fortune


Photo by Alex Swerdloff


Creative Direction
& Fabrication:

Andy An
Digital Games Curation
& Installation:

Frank DeMarco
Richard Adem, Sine Morris
Executive Chef:
Theo Friedman
Video Programming:
Will Rahilly, Thu Tran, Prashast Thapan
Ian Russell
Special Thanks:
Lickit Game Team
Babycastles Gallery

To kick off the new year, I partnered with chefs and artists to transform Babycastles Gallery in NYC into an edible playground. For three nights only, this pop-up restaurant paired digital and analog games with food by chef Theo Friedman.  Diners were asked to question the formulaic actions of eating they performed daily. They went bowling to season vegetables with dehydrated olives and rye, ate orange pate de fruit edible dice dispensed from a conveyor belt, and controlled video games by artists Thu Tran, Prashast Thapan, and Will Rahilly by dunking semolina gnocchi in three different sauces. By rethinking the gestures and props used around food, eating felt more like winning.


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