Andy An is a Brooklyn-based artist and creative technologist with experience in Event Design, Product Design, and Art Direction.

Andy earned a Bachelors of Industrial Design at Pratt Institute in 2014 before joining the startup, Pixel Academy, as the company's first design director. There he worked closely with the CEO and managed a re-branding campaign which helped scale the company from a one-room workshop to a fleet of makerspaces around NYC.

He currently freelances as a designer and rapid-prototyping specialist. He's helped clients and agencies realize everything from a wholesale baby bottle product to butter stamps for a new Upper East Side restaurant.

In his personal work, Andy explores his lifelong love of food through speculative and experimental dining installations. In the intersection of eating and playing, he believes, there are never-before-seen opportunities for community-building and social engagement. Using technology as a means of exploring this, he's driven by a desire to challenge the ordinary.


Andy An
714 657 6233